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About Electro Battery Systems Incorporated

Electro Battery stocks batteries of all types from computer batteries to automotive battery chargers. Experts at UPS battery installations and telecom battery systems. With 18 years in the battery business, you can trust Electro Battery with your battery needs.

  • Whether its for your antique Studebaker or today's Dodge Viper, we've got it.
  • If you need a 46 or 48 volt battery for your telecommunications system, we've got it.
  • You need a I to 1000 KW battery for your UPS battery system ; static or rotary, we've got it.
  • Batteries for cars, boats, motorcycles, cellular, two-way radios, fire alarms, wheelchairs, motive power applications, photo voltaic, uninterruptible power supply telecom, camcorders, generators, laptops computers, electronic components, military ordinance, nearly any type of battery application you can think of, we've got it!

Battery Lines & Chemistries:

Electro Battery Systems is a full line supplier of various battery lines and chemistries. Odyssey, Haze, Lifeline. Enersys, U.S. Battery, Electro Battery, Powersonic, SAFT and others. Chemistries: Lead Acid, Nicad, Nimh, Lithium, Mercury, Silver Oxide, Zinc Air and Alkaline and more.