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Deka Motive Power/Golf Cart/RV

Pro Master Battery

Deka Motive Power/Golf Cart/RV The DEKA PRO MASTER BATTERY will give you all the power you need to get through two rounds comfortably without needing a recharge - providing it is maintained and charged correctly.

The DEKA PRO MASTER BATTERY includes a variety of design features that allow for easy watering and installation, faster maintenance turnaround times and longer cycle life.

The DEKA PRO MASTER BATTERY is made with pride by quality craftsmen in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and subjected to over 250 rigorous quality control checks during every phase of production.

Scrubber/Sweeper Batteries

Deka sets the standard for battery life in scrubber/sweeper applications. Over 50% longer life than the best selling battery! Thismeans significantly lower battery replacement costs. Our engineerswent back to the drawing board to design a scrubber/ sweeper battery fromthe ground up thatwillwithstand the punishing demands of these applications.We’vemade a dozen design changes that reallymake the difference.

  • There’s a complete line of 6- and 12-volt sizes available, wet and bone dry, including replacement sizes for Advance, Clarke, Tennant and many others.
  • New super-insulating, microporous polyethylene envelope separators protect the plates, eliminate short circuits and dramatically extend battery life.
  • Positive plates are glass wrapped, similar to motive power industrial batteries. The glass fibers imbed themselves into the surface of the plate to add reinforcement… like “re-bars” in concrete. This reduces plate shedding and extends life.
  • An optimized balance of the crucial active material on the plates means that the battery works harder and lives longer.
  • The amount of active material on the positive plate has been increased for added performance and life.
  • The manufacturing process controls have been improved for higher quality, performance and life.
  • Even the electrolyte formula has been adjusted for optimum balance to extend life.
  • More than 250 quality control checks ensure the highest quality.