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SAFT Nife Engine starting

SAFT Engine startingEngine starting batteries are vital to the reliable operation of equipment like auxiliary generator sets or fire pumps, which must respond quickly after a main power supply failure. They must provide a high current for as long as it takes to crank the engine. They may also have to handle some pre-start loads, such as heaters or lubricating oil pumps. If the engine fails to start the first time, the battery will be expected to perform repeatedly until successful.

The battery should present following advantages:

  • high reliability
  • high discharge capability
  • function in extremely low temperatures Saft high discharge rate H-type Ni-Cd batteries, from the SBH and SPH ranges, recover their voltage instantaneously, making them ideal for this application.

SAFT Nife Energy storage

Several new stationary applications in the electricity supply grid involve large-scale energy storage, where battery capacities are often measured in megawatt hours.

Batteries are also required to provide energy storage for spinning reserve, load leveling, frequency control, transmission line stability, demand peak shaving, power quality and reliability, and capacity deferral.

Energy storage systems are often expected to satisfy more than one of these requirements, which are increasing in importance – especially in deregulated markets where distributed generation is becoming prevalent. Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries offer the optimum reliability, high performance, long life and low maintenance needed to provide energy storage in electricity distribution networks.

Ni-Cd is the only battery type that does not suffer sudden failure, and offers low life-cycle cost, especially under adverse conditions.

The optimum batteries for this application have to be selected depending on

  • the load profile: discharge in hours, minutes or seconds,
  • the cycling profile: number of cycles and depth of discharge per day/month/year

Saft’s offer includes, storing high amounts of energy for long periods, and SPH , optimised for short but frequent high power discharge peaks. Other product ranges, such as SBLE, SBM, SBH can be selected depending on operation profile and customer’s selection criteria.